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How to report a crime on social media

Profiling by using social media platforms is considered to be an advantage in case of prevention from crimes but each social media platform has its own value based on the number and type of people using it and on the content that is being shared through the platform. Ivan Govender, the district manager of Fidelity ADT says that every social media platform is full of challenges and the most common challenge of these social media platforms is the uploading of non-verified information regarding anything or anyone and it causes a panic situation that most of the time becomes out of control.

A warning has recently been issued by SAPS against the fake information posted on social media platforms. According to Govender’s point of view, people should be encouraged to have a positive and sensible use of social media especially while they’re posting something. They should always be sure about what they are posting and what will be the reaction on those posts. Laws of South Africa have declared it that any person who has self-generated the content is not only the one who is responsible for the reliability of the content, but the person would be responsible for other person’s post if he is tagged in that post and allows the other person to use their name and fails to keep himself distant from such unreliable and fake posts.

Govender has declared some of the don’ts which people need to follow if they want to have a fight against social media crimes and those don’ts are as follows:

  • You don’t need to post any personal information on your social media accounts, on whatever platform
  • You are not supposed to upload any kind of unnecessary irrelevant information that is really not needed like advertisements, traffic blocks or anything like that.
  • When you have got the message and you have also read that, you don’t need to post thanks about it.
  • When you are posting something, you yourself need to be sure that whatever you’re posting is real and reliable too and it doesn’t contain any doubt. If you are not sure about any content, then there is no need for you to post it.
  • Don’t be argumentative on social media platforms. Be polite and avoid using foul language with others.
  • You are supposed to immediately contact SAPS if you find anything suspicious. You don’t need to involve yourself in a situation which you found to be really dangerous.

Social media platforms are really advantageous for us but sometimes they could be the reason behind many causes and crimes are one of them. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use social media or don’t post anything. You just need to be sure about what you are posting and be careful about whom you are contacting through your social media account. When you are on a social media platform, you need to be more active and more aware of your surroundings to get yourself saved from any sort of issues.