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Why female followers on social media are more active than male followers

Social media has gained much importance and awareness with the rise in technology and internet availability. There are many different social media applications being used by every other person today. The number of users on social media apps is growing day by day; in fact, social media has now become a platform for business and development whereas initially it was started for connectivity and social activities. The popularity of businesses on social media depends upon the number of followers they possess.

So it means if buy Instagram followers more than higher will be the popularity and awareness. The followers are the users of the application who are targeted as the potential customers for the businesses.

Human beings have a nature and need of being accepted by others, they want to feel special by having a feeling of belonging. In order to achieve so, they tend to follow the trend or try to follow what others are doing. So the number of followers a business possesses sends a message to new users that how this page is liked by so many other people, in short people tend to follow those pages which have a higher number of followers. This also allows them to stay updated and informed.

Businesses have been working to find the demographics related to their followers, they are doing so that they can find their target market.

It has been found that there are more female followers on social media as compared to the male followers.

There may be plenty of reasons behind this but main reasons might include;

  • Generally female use social media to share their personal information and to share stuff regarding their personal lives.
  • Women are more expressive regarding their feelings and life. They are more vocal so they are willing to share more.
  • Women like to stay in touch with others, women are more into socializing then men so they use this platform to stay in touch
  • Women like to stay more updated about the latest trends as compared to men.
  • Fashion trends are the main attraction for females on social media
  • The statistics explaining the trend
  • It has been found through studies that there are 84% more females than male users on social media sites
  • Except for the news sites every other social media site has more female users than male
  • Facebook, however, have almost the same ratio of male and female users. Twitter, on the other hand, has 59% female users. Instagram has also almost the same ratio. Among all these sites female users are more active ones. Just liking the age is one thing and then following it regularly is another thing.

Here is why women are more interested in social media sites;

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  • They get to observe and post the great content
  • They can write their bio
  • Can engage with others
  • Can reach to their influencers
  • Can stay active and updated
  • Can see latest trends
  • Can share pictures
  • Can follow new fashion trends